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IPC is a diverse group of psychiatric providers delivering care to behavioral healthcare organizations under one, unified umbrella.

The IPC Model simplifies psychiatric recruiting. 

We offer, 

  • Practitioner placement
  • Care facility support
  • Community access to services


First, we partner with skilled practitioners to find where they fit best and what fits them best.

Next, we work alongside organizations looking to offer comprehensive mental and behavioral healthcare

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A psychiatric consulting hub

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants can be your singular resource for practitioner and client needs.


Provider network

For our growing network of providers, we offer support and flexibility.

You can,

  • Work in the area of your choice
  • With the populations you serve best,
  • Within the time that fits your needs.

All this plus a team of industry experts that make IPC feel like a family.


Clients and organizations

For our clients, our industry experts create customized solutions to challenging organizational needs.

From all-inclusive to task-specific, IPC can support you where you need it most.

As an added benefit, we strive to keep it simple. We provide all our services through a single contract. This means your leadership works with just one entity to establish and oversee all psychiatric care services in your organization.

How we work

We research your clinical needs and provide access to our quality providers to deliver psychiatric care.

Our providers integrate seamlessly into your organization, obtaining all required credentials and documenting in your current EMR.

Our support team works with your administration to improve and streamline your current processes, helping you provide the most efficient model of care possible.

For providers

Clinicians who work with IPC can offer care as an integrated team member. You are not just a number; you are supported and empowered to focus on what you do best: caring for patients. You’ll get:

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For organizations

A partnership with IPC means a steady, comprehensive, and
financially sustainable behavioral health solution that allows you to:

Are you ready to take the next step?

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