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Integrated Psychiatric Consultants

We are a trusted behavioral health staffing and management partner for all healthcare organizations and care settings.

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants

Why Integrated Psychiatric Consultants?

IPC is practitioner-led with over 20 years of industry experience. Our defining difference is threefold: we are flexible, supportive, and dedicated.

We want to help you offer unparalleled psychiatric services.

IPC Understands Providers

How would your life change if you found a flexible work environment that encouraged your passion and valued your goals?

How would your organization grow with access to better behavioral health services and a network of skilled providers?

We know you will enjoy working…

  • In the area of your choice
  • With the population you serve best
  • Within the time that fits your needs.

IPC Strengthens Organizations

Does your organization strive to serve the community with unmatched psychiatric care services?

IPC understands that your unique situation requires a customized approach. We work alongside your leadership team to create a program designed just for you.

At Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, we are your trusted behavioral health partner.

Dr. Vishal Adma M.D.

Vishal Adma, M.D., President & CEO

Dr. Adma is a board-certified psychiatrist and a physician executive with extensive leadership experience. His comprehensive work experiences and professional accomplishments include being the founder, President & CEO of Integrated Psychiatric Consultants.

To me, it doesn’t feel like going to work with IPC—it feels like going home. That means you have the freedom to choose what you want to do and enjoy your work.”

Sunita Muranjan, M.D.


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IPC and your community

IPC creates flexible and comprehensive psychiatric care solutions by partnering with…

  • practitioners
  • clinics
  • hospitals


How do we do this? With tele-health and in-person services.

We enable healthcare establishments to provide on-call, 24/7 psychiatric care teams. Our full-circle solutions support and connect healthcare professionals with the organizations that offer important behavioral healthcare to the people who need it most.

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