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I have worked in mental healthcare for over 30 years and know how important it is to provide high-quality care and maintain strong patient relationships. Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, P.A. (IPC) is the best in the industry I have partnered with over that time.

Their group’s physicians and team of professions are experienced, insightful, knowledgeable, and caring. The IPC physicians work effectively with our care team of nursing and clinical staff and truly deliver individualized patient-focused behavioral health care. Having the ability to contact their team day or night helps us to maintain quality and continuity of care. Integrated Psychiatric Consultants is also our strategic partner in helping to identify and meet our physician recruitment needs in a timely and professional manner. They have proved several times over that they know what they’re doing. We could not ask for better physician care for our patients and a group to meet our physician staffing needs which has created a great partnership.

For more than 30 years, our agency has served the primary care and behavioral health needs of our most vulnerable communities in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Far too often, the behavioral health needs of these underserved communities are woefully underestimated or simply ignored. And like many other behavioral health agencies, steeply resolved to attend to, and advocate for, the behavioral health needs in our underserved communities, finding innovative partnerships is the only path to success.

Recently, at the direction of our board of directors, we have sought to develop and deliver a contemporary gold standard behavioral health program to our clients, anchored by a gold standard psychiatric practice. After focused and detailed research, we reached out to Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC) and Dr. Adma for guidance and resource support to this end.

In very short order, their group not only provided the skilled psychiatrists our desired practice required, but to our surprise, they also worked directly with me and my clinical team to design and develop a far more effective and efficient clinical program than we ever imagined.

Their commitment to our mission to provide access to gold standard behavioral health services to our underserved communities has be invaluable in not only standing with us through very challenging times, but also by providing the psychiatric leadership necessary to continue to meet the needs of those who count on us most.

This partnership has consistently resulted in gold standard services to our very deserving clients.

As our environment continues to change, and the demand for quality behavioral health services continues to play a more prominent role in the overall health of our community, we will continue to lean on the partnership and leadership of Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, and Dr. Adma.

It was my pleasure to have worked with Dr. Adma and his practice for approximately 20 years. During that time, Dr. Adma always maintained the highest level of professionalism and always treated patients and their family members with respect and dignity. He chaired the medical management team and both listened to and encouraged participation by the nurses, social workers and other members of the team. Dr. Adma is well respected by his colleagues and by patients alike and always maintains the highest level of professional certification.

Johnson County, Kansas, not unlike other areas in the United States, is experiencing a dramatic shortage of psychiatrists within our community health centers, where often the most severe mental illnesses are treated. Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC) has been integral in helping Johnson County Mental Health Center meet the increasing demand for services by supplementing our current medical staff with high quality psychiatric services both on-site and through tele-medicine.

At St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital in Olathe, we’re proud of our partnership with Integrated Psychiatric Consultants for our psychiatric services. Dr. Adma joined St. Anthony’s as the medical director before the hospital took its first patient. He became an integral part of the hospital’s team as we developed high quality programming for seniors, prepared for The Joint Commission accreditation and deemed status, and provided exceptional care to our patients. He’s also provided leadership to the medical staff through our development as an organization. We are grateful for the partnership with Integrated Psychiatric Consultants.

Dr. Adma and the team at Integrated Psychiatric Consultants have been managing the psychiatric care of Great Circle’s clients for more than two years. Their focus on professionalism and superior client-centered care allows our organization to provide the gold standard in behavioral health services. Dr. Adma provides ongoing consultation to our treatment team and is always willing to engage with clients and their parents. Through his leadership, we have been able to enhance and more fully integrate our clinical services. By providing both on-site and tele-medicine options, IPC ensures all clients, throughout Great Circle’s network, have access to high quality care. Dr. Adma and the IPC team are valued and trusted partners.

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