Self-Compassion with Dr. Sunita Muranjan

To manage burnout and compassion fatigue, experienced providers often learn how to show self-compassion in small but meaningful ways every day.

Dr. Sunita Muranjan said she had created a routine for herself, which she lost during the COVID-19 pandemic and is working on getting back.

“I had to work on figuring out time and prioritizing my time,” Dr. Muranjan said.

Her routine includes Jazzercise, meditation, journaling, walking and playing with her dog, and listening to audiobooks.

“I do these things to show compassion and prioritize myself, and also so that I can help others, smile, and stay calm in tough situations,” Dr. Muranjan added.

“Practicing this routine helps me prepare to face daily challenges with passion and dedication – solution-focused instead of problem-focused.”

Wondering what’s on Dr. Muranjan’s bookshelf? These are the books that help her stay motivated:
📘 Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
📘 Atomic Habits by James Clear
📖 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey (currently reading)