IPC acquires boutique recruitment firm Emma Recruiting, expanding access to behavioral health talent opportunities nationwide

To further enhance its comprehensive suite of psychiatric and mental health professional placement services and solidify its position as a strategic partner for healthcare clients, Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC) has successfully acquired specialized boutique recruitment firm Emma Recruiting, according to Dr. Vishal Adma, now President and CEO of Emma Recruiting and IPC.

Finalized on May 22, 2023, this acquisition is a significant milestone for both organizations, who promise to deliver unparalleled benefits and flexibility to their respective clients, care professionals, and the broader community. IPC will continue to offer long-term partnerships in contrast to the single-placement solutions available through Emma Recruiting – creating the ultimate synergistic partnership. This partnership will equip clients with options for timely placements nationwide.

Finding experienced and timely behavioral health provider solutions is a challenge in the United States. According to the Health Resources & Services Administration, over 8,000 mental health practitioners are needed to remove Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designations across the country. 

As IPC expands its service portfolio for time-dependent provider recruitment, its clients – including psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and recovery centers – can focus more on the delivery of exceptional patient care. “Through this acquisition, IPC is able to find providers in a timely fashion for any and all of its clients,” says Dr. Adma, as a board-certified psychiatrist and physician executive with leadership experience.

For over 20 years, IPC has put forth an innovative placement approach, raising industry standards and providing strategic partnerships to ongoing and novel challenges faced by its healthcare clientele. With an increased pool of talented professionals at its disposal, IPC is well-equipped to address the growing demand for mental health services to meet the evolving needs of patients, says Dr. Adma.

The acquisition aligns with IPC’s commitment to improve patient outcomes and leverage the clinical expertise of its care providers. By integrating Emma Recruiting, a firm with the ability to identify, attract, and place top-tier behavioral health professionals, IPC gains an additional advantage in building robust clinical teams for its clients. 

Based in San Diego, Emma Recruiting was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic as a venture to highlight new professional opportunities for providers of all specialties and levels of care. “We have truly loved every moment spent growing Emma Recruiting and cannot wait to see what new heights are reached under IPC,” says Ashwin Mathews, co-founder of Emma Recruiting.

“Together, our vision is to harmoniously improve access to providers and also significantly simplify the placement process for our clients,” says Brandy Shireman, incoming Managing Director at Emma Recruiting and former Vice President of Business Development at IPC. “We want to honor the hard work of Ashwin and Emma Mathews, along with the sturdy foundation they have built with the team at Emma Recruiting.”

About Integrated Psychiatric Consultants:

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC) is a physician-owned and operated organization with over 70 behavioral health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, licensed clinical therapists, and administrative and support staff. Its team of dedicated in-person and telehealth providers help treat a variety of mental health disorders in children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients. Across the United States, IPC provides care in emergency departments, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential programs, outpatient clinics, addiction recovery centers, community mental health centers, through medical directorship, consultation-liaison, and other provider roles. 

For more information about IPC and Emma Recruiting, please contact:

Brandy Shireman, Managing Director, Emma Recruiting

(660) 216-8376 | brandy@emmarecruiting.com