Talking Telepsychiatry

Even as some psychiatry practices return to traditional appointments, virtual behavioral health could be the future of mental healthcare in remote areas throughout the country, improving healthcare equity for vulnerable populations and underserved areas.

IPC CEO acquires businesses, expands Midwest mental health

Congratulations to our distinguished CEO, Dr. Adma, for acquiring two new businesses that will expand the reach of quality mental healthcare in the Kansas City area! Combined, all three businesses offer assistance in psychotherapy, psychological testing, psychiatric medication management, along with the opportunity to participate in psychiatric medical research. Dr. Adma, thank you for your […]

IPC named in 2021 KC minority-owned businesses list

2021 Kansas City Minority Owned Business List

The Kansas City Business Journal named Integrated Psychiatric Consultants in their 2021 Minority-Owned Businesses of the Year List! Congratulations to all other establishments recognized. This honor is humbling and we look forward to making Kansas City a more diverse center for business in the coming years. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Learn […]

Depression in Children and Adolescents

mia manfredi headshot

Mia Manfredi is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) with Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, as well as a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner and board-certified family nurse practitioner. She currently works with child and adolescent patients (5-17 years old) in inpatient and residential facilities, collaborating with family and case managers on evaluations, medication, diagnosis, and treatment. Depression […]

Nurse’s Week

Last week we were able to celebrate all of the wonderful nurses we work with during Nurse’s Appreciation Week. IPC thanks each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication!

Jessica Ray offers provider resources including credentialing and licensing

One of the goals of Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC) is to deliver ‘best practice’ support that helps health care providers efficiently respond to the growing demand for credentialing information and meet other licensing requirements. IPC provides quality, dependable, and timely credentialing and licensing services for different provider types, including MDs, DOs, APRNs, and PAs, for […]

988: A Revolution in Mental Health Convenience

More now than ever, mental and behavioral health has been thrust into the spotlight, which has benefited people through better accessibility, accountability, and treatment options within the United States. One of these facets serving the community by reducing health burdens for over twelve million people since 2005 is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Although the […]

A Day in the Life of an IPC Provider – Sunita Muranjan, M.D. and Jessica Fairchilds, APRN

Sunita Muranjan, M.D. is an accomplished physician, psychiatrist and medical director. She has advanced medical degrees and versatile psychiatric experience. Her primary interests include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and substance abuse disorders. Jessica Fairchilds, APRN is a first year nurse practitioner at IPC. She has dual certification in family health and psychiatric mental […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder — Pravesh Deotale, M.D.

Pravesh Deotale, M.D. is a decorated physician, psychiatrist, medical director, and professor. He has advanced medical degrees, professional experience around the world, and even a recent MBA — a testament to his well-rounded and successful career in behavioral health. In a discussion with Dr. Deotale, we were able to ask about his perspectives on Autism […]